Friday, September 5, 2008

Looking good, seeing well

Earlier this month I performed a shop at one of those super-upscale sunglasses stores at the mall. They had models ranging from $50 (on clearance sale) to $500 (included bluetooth to attach to your phone, ipod or PDA). It was a fairly easy shop, evaluating the store's atmosphere, cleanliness of the displays, salesmanship, etc.

It has been a while since I've seen the latest tech in glasses, I guess, because I felt like a real dinosaur. I saw one model that didn't have screws at the temple for adjusting the fit and asked about it. I nearly jumped a foot in the air when the salesman snapped the arms right off the glasses! Handy for sports she said, or babies-in-arms, I thought. That memory metal is very cool, and who knew titanium was so light?

I settled on a pair that cost about $150. That's way more than I'd normally pay for something like sunglasses, but after my shop fee, the cost went back down into my budgeted range. Of course, even a "deal" isn't a deal unless it's something I'd buy anyway. But I really needed a pair of shades. A summer's worth of squinting has deepened my crow's feet and not done my retinas any good.

Who knew mystery shopping could be so educational?

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