Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Year End Accounting

I'm taking the month of December off from shopping. Not only will that free me up to celebrate with family and friends, I anticipate all outstanding shops will be paid by December 15th, making a nice, neat bottom line.

So, in round figures, here is how I "did" this year:

I performed 230 shops for 27 companies.
I earned $1477 in shop fees and $123 in bonuses, for a total paycheck of $1600
I drove 3640 business-related miles, at 50 cents per mile (the standard IRS deduction) for a tax-deductible expense of $1820
I spent $391 on other tax-deductible expenses such as printer ink and paper, cell phone minutes etc.
I spent $2611 out-of-pocket that was reimbursed.

I'd say this was a pretty average year for me. How did you do?

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