Friday, October 17, 2008

If only they could all be like this

I had a peach of an assignment this week. Walk into a store, look for a certain display. If it's there, mark off on the form where I found it and leave. If it's not there, ask the manager for it, put it up and leave.

Store #1: No display. Got display from manager, put it together in one step, stocked with product, applied price sticker, put on register counter, write down manager's name. Time: 10 minutes

Store #2: Found display. It's stocked, labelled and on the register counter already. Time: 2 minutes

I only traveled 15 miles round trip for both stores and no purchase was required. I figure including gas, the travel time, paper and ink to print the forms, and the amount of time I spent online and offline for this job comes to $5 and about 1 hour.

I was paid a most generous $16 ($8 per store) for this assignment. Now that's the kind of compensation that makes mystery shopping worth doing. $11 an hour isn't CEO pay by any means, but the requirements were so easy and the shop was so quick that it was a real joy to perform.

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