Friday, October 31, 2008

A Scary Halloween Post (Fast Food Shops)

The more often you eat at a fast food outlet, the greater your odds of running into something truly disgusting. Mystery shopping a fast food place is only different in that you are required to taste the food before making a face and throwing it out. Most companies do not allow you to return incorrect orders or food that clearly has something wrong with it. It comes with the territory.

In observance of Halloween, I offer you these True Tales from the Gross Side of Fast Food Mystery Shopping, each experienced by yours truly:

"Recycled" food wrappers You know, the kind that clearly were used before, and not for the same thing you are eating. The tip-off is how badly wrinkled they are and the greasy fingerprints on the outside. There's usually another hint like melted cheese stuck to the inside of wrapper when what you have ordered is a cold wrap.

Unidentified Fried Objects Yes, I've had a deep-fried UFO stuffed amongst my french fries. I suspect it was just a piece of lemon that fell into the deep fryer, but...ew.

Undercooked Meat Probably my scariest mystery shop of all was the one on which I encountered a lukewarm beef patty. It was seared crisp on the outside and deep, cold red on the inside.

I won't even bore you with the stray hair stories, those are too dull and boring and you've probably encountered them yourself during a quick trip to the drive-thru.

If you go the fast food route, you might want to bring along a digital camera to discreetly document evidence. When I run into something I feel could be a safety issue and not just a nauseator, I'll drop a line to my scheduler and offer my time-and-date-stamped evidence. I've been taken up on my offer more than once, although I'm not privy to the results of my efforts.

My point is that if you are squeamish, perhaps consuming food for a living probably isn't your best option.

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