Friday, October 3, 2008

When the Manager gets shopped

I performed a "reveal and reward" mystery shop this week at a local restaurant. It was an easy shop and a restaurant I enjoy but rarely go to. It was a "reveal" shop, which means at the end of the shop I tell the manager that I have mystery shopped his location and give him the results. This particular shop included a reward if all the requirements for a successful shop were met, and it was a nice little reward: American Express Gift Cards for everyone on shift during my shop! Nice.

It was an easy requirement, too. There was just one "catch phrase" that had to be said when I placed my order. And to be honest, if he had used the "catch phrase," my lunch would have been more enjoyable for me, because it was something I wanted anyway! The person who took my order was the manager himself.

Sadly, the requirement wasn't met. When I gave the manager the forms to sign showing that he had an unsuccessful shop, he was embarrassed. He wanted to rush me through the process of completing the paperwork and get me out of the store as quickly as possible. He knew that because of his mistake his team wouldn't get a bonus and realized they might get upset if they knew he had been the one who "blew it." I was discreet, and didn't let on what was going on, and made a hasty exit as soon as his part of the paperwork was done.

I felt bad for the team. In these days of economic turmoil, every little bit helps. But I felt worse for the manager.

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